August Newsletter

Upcoming Beer Release: September 7th

Join us at the next beer release on Saturday, September 7th from 11am-2pm. You'll be able to try one of our BRAND NEW pilot batches:

Bâtisserie Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Stout 

Bâtisserie Chocolate Raspberry Stout 

Apricot New England-Style Double IPA 

Upcoming Distro

We piloted it- you tried it and loved it. These beers are being scaled up for distribution in Chicagoland stores and restaurants in early September. Check here for a list of locations closest to you.

hop surf copy_r.png

Hop Surf

Our creamy New England-Style Double IPA
Fresh batch of Hop Surf being canned just in time for your Labor Day Weekend! Citra and mosaic hops for notes of orange, peach, blueberry and pine with creamy texture and mild bitterness. First drops start today. NEDIPA 8.5% ABV.

double marshmallow smores.png

Bâtisserie Double Marshmallow S’mores Stout

Tastes like a perfectly roasted marshmallow, browned but not blackened, roasted slowly over the coals, not burnt in the fire. Super soft, fluffy mouthfeel. 10% ABV.


Milkshake Orangealicious

A refreshing yet bold hazy double IPA brewed with Citra hops along with oranges, vanilla and lactose.

Checking the wort strength with a refractometer.

Checking the wort strength with a refractometer.

What’s the deal with Milkshake Beers?? 

We've been getting this question a lot! So we sat down with brewmaster David to talk about these controversial beers.

David, what’s a milkshake beer and why are you making them?

D: "Ha, good question! A few years ago we could have been having this conversation about ‘New England IPA’ instead of ‘milkshake’.

So these milkshakes are the next big thing?

D: “Well, I can’t predict if they will continue to grow in popularity, but it’s part of beer evolution. I love thinking about how beer styles change over time. Remember the malty IPAs in the 90’s? Even New England-style IPAs have changed significantly over the past several years. These milkshake beers are just another way to explore new flavors and experiences for the consumer.”

Yes, ‘experience’ seems to be where it’s at these days. So tell me what is a milkshake beer.

D: “There are various interpretations, but in general they contain lactose which is the sugar that makes milk taste sweet and has a creamy texture. Most yeast can’t ferment lactose, so the sweetness and creaminess remains in the final product. Vanilla is often added to give the perception of vanilla ice cream. Many milkshake beers have fruit added to the fermenter which provides yet another flavor dimension and helps keep the beer from tasting too sweet. The acidity and tartness in the fruit balances the sweetness from the malt and lactose.“

I didn’t realize yeasts were lactose intolerant! Thanks for that description. So should we expect more milkshakes from Energy City Brewing!?

D: “Currently we are aiming to experiment with one new milkshake every month on our one barrel pilot system. These are sold at our monthly bottle releases which are the first Saturday of each month. If they make the cut we’ll continue to scale them up for distribution.“


August 3rd Beer Release

Last month's batches included ECB 8, a Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale inspired by Trappist beers such as Chimay Grand Reserve. The Bâtisserie Peanut Butter S’Mores Stout was our interpretation of a peanut butter cup s’mores dessert beer brewed with chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, peanuts and lactose. The Milkshake Orangealicious was also released. As usual, we provided free samples.


Don’t Forget, We Moved!

Our new address:
917 First Street
Batavia, IL 60510

New Swag

Have you seen our new glassware yet? Purchase yours at the next beer release on September 7th!



July’s Instagram Pic

Our featured Instagram picture this month is by @simcoethegolden. Tag @Energycitybrewing on Instagram for a chance to be featured in the next newsletter.

August’s Beer Pick of the Month: Hop reefer

Summer line up_r.jpg

We've definitely been loving our summer line up of hazy beers- especially the Hop Reefer. For a little more juiciness, we used Apollo hops instead of Centennial Hops as part of the dry hop addition in this New England-Style India Pale Ale. Brewed with a boatload of Apollo and Zeus hops for dank herbal character supported by notes of citrus and tropical fruit (7.2% ABV). The bitterness is mild, the color is hazy orange and the malt flavor is subtle to let the hops glow.

Check here for where to find it closest to you.

Oak Park Micro Brew Fest

We attended the 12th Annual Oak Park Micro Brew Fest on August 17. Our Milkshake Alfresco was the most popular beer we served. It's brewed with strawberries and a lively zing of lime instead of vanilla. We specifically selected New Zealand Wakatu and Motueka hops to further accentuate the lime character for this beer. This one serves as a lovely aperitif at 6.2%ABV.

Oak Park Micro Brew Fest_r.jpg

Utica Craft Beer Street Festival

We attended this fun festival on August 24th. Utica shut down Mill Street and had live music with performances by Steve & Steve, John Pointek and Free Range Chickens. All proceeds from this event went to charities including the Utica Fire Protection District and the Waltham Elementary Education Foundation (WEEF).

Mike Sullivan and Jon Ramsey serving up beers at the festival.

Batavia Community Dinner

Hosted by Batavia Mainstreet, in ECB’s hometown, the Batavia Community Dinner Table is an annual shared table experience at one looooooong table. The food is farm to table, sourced as much as possible from the Batavia Farmers’ Market Vendors with Batavia restaurants and Chefs preparing the food. Funds raised by this event were donated to the Batavia Interfaith Food Pantry. In 2019, Batavia Mainstreet raised over $10,000!

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